Real journalism tells the truth about Ebola

See the video above from Fox News. It is a shining example of how to tell the truth about the Ebola virus. Fox News’ own Shepard Smith finally takes to task his own fellow employees and commentators. Many of them have begun talking like truthers or birthers in their commentary on Ebola. The Director of the CDC has been accused of deliberately lying. The President has been accused of wanting Americans to die. Despite the fact that Ebola has come into this country via airlines, it has been openly said that illegal immigrants are going to carry Ebola over through our southern border. This is simply a ramp up on terrorists coming through our southern border.

The danger is, as Shepard Smith points out, that the false information given out for purely political purposes will actually inhibit the USA abilities to deal with any possible future outbreak of Ebola in this country. In passing, those are not my words, those are his words. Fox News, of course, will tell you that their non-news programs are actually entertainment programs and thus do not have the same rigid standards as their news division. But, as Shepard Smith points out, that approach is dangerous to this country and dangerous to the handling of any future outbreak of a dangerous disease. We often forget that Fox News is merely the name of the network and not a description of all their shows. Their news shows are actually rather limited; their editorial shows are common.

Please watch the video above, and listen to a true journalist address the subject of Ebola.

Ebola madness

Right after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita hit Houston. Because of the experiences after Katrina, Houston went into temporary insanity. The whole city tried to evacuate even though Houston is not below ground level, even though Houston has withstood many hurricanes, even though there is no history to say that Houston is in any such danger. As a result some people needlessly died. The very supposed “better” approach turned out to be worse than simply handling it the old fashioned way.

The same thing is happening now with Ebola. So far, there have been two cases of infection in the USA. Both of those cases had extremely close contact with the victim. So far, there have been no other cases of infection, including the people who were in close contact with the first victim. So far, it seems to have taken extremely close contact with a victim in order to become infected.

But, that has not stopped the madness from spreading, just like with Hurricane Rita. Schools have been shut down on no more information than a teacher traveled on the same plane as an Ebola victim. A couple of workers have been fired simply because they were relatives of a person who was a chef at a restaurant at which a person who covered an Ebola story came to buy some soup. A person on vacation on a cruise ship has been placed in quarantine simply because he worked with one of the patients, but has shown no symptoms. A foreign country has said that they will not allow him to debark as a tourist.

Some of you will say that this is correct. But, you have given in to Ebola hysteria. Only two people have been shown to be positive, even though multiple people worked with the patient who dies and his samples passed through the Laboratory, etc. That means that many people were in contact and many people handled his samples, but only two have become infected. So, there is little reason for Ebola hysteria.

Having said that, Ebola must be treated seriously. We must immediately isolate anyone who begins to show the symptoms. But, our policies must be based on rational thought and medical experience. But, that is not what is happening. Despite the years of experience that Africa has had with Ebola, we ignore that experience. Instead, we are again spinning crazy theories of this disease than can be passed on simply by being in the near vicinity of anyone who has had Ebola, even if there is no contact.

We justify that based on the idea that we have no idea what is happening, that we must protect ourselves. Were we ready? No, we obviously are not fully ready. The WHO has admitted its failing as well. Nevertheless, this is not the zombie apocalypse. While there are no guarantees, the world does have some experience with dealing with Ebola. So far, there is no evidence that the worst case scenarios are anywhere near reality.

Will there be other infected people? Yes. Is there any evidence that there are, or are likely to be, widespread infections? No. So, let’s settle down and apply rational procedures. Irrational madness is not an appropriate response.